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[cross-project-issues-dev] Serious problems with the new Maven POM XML editor


I tried, in a brand new environment, the new 2021-12 Java distribution, eager to try the new Maven POM XML, after looking at the nice video of Holger Voormann (

I simply created a new Maven project with the archetype and tried to use content assist in the Maven POM XML editor tab. My system monitor showed a huge amount of downloaded stuff (a few gigabytes). I remembered I had the same problem in the past, and this should be once again

This was followed by a huge CPU usage from Java (building some kind of index?)

After that, I only had the proposals (Maven artifacts and versions) already part of my Maven cache... nothing from Maven Central... so what was the downloaded stuff good for?

By the way, the downloaded artifacts are nowhere in my home folder: they are in /tmp (I'm on Linux), which will be wiped away after reboot.
These are the created dirs and their disk usage (~ 6 gigs)

du /tmp/nexus-maven-repository
3529916	/tmp/nexus-maven-repository-index.gz8422849806479204346.dir
2357276	/tmp/nexus-maven-repository-index.gz8909712491327057893.dir

Please, keep in mind that I saw no network feedback in Eclipse, I just realized that by looking at my system monitor.

Now think of the users with a traffic data plan...

To make things extremely worse, I restarted Eclipse, tried content assist again, and the download starts again from scratch! Further ~3 gigs downloaded...

Am I only one experiencing this behavior?

Luckily, I was able to install the old M2E editor, without Lemminx, to go back to the good ol' working behavior.


Prof. Lorenzo Bettini, Computer Science, DISIA, Univ. Firenze
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