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[cross-project-issues-dev] Eclipse Java IDE 2021-12 video


As usual, here is my video showing some of the Eclipse 2021-12 Java IDE improvements (including Git, Maven and general/platform improvements) in action: (14:56)

Share and use this video to promote Eclipse 2021-12 (the video can be embedded without additional attribution).

The video shows only Java IDE improvements, not C/C++ IDE improvements. CDT's Smart Import for non-Eclipse CMake and Meson projects sounds like a cool new feature to me too:

All IDE packages are provided for Apple's M1 chip for the first time (in the past only the Eclipse SDK was provided for macOS AArch64 since the Java 16 HotSpot VM did not support macOS AArch64; see <>).

The current Java 17 HotSpot VM has a memory leak when using "-XX:+UseStringDeduplication":
I did not see any issues related to this while testing and doing the video. It seems the gain by the UseStringDeduplication option outperforms the loss by the leak when running Eclipse not for very long.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to the Eclipse IDE in any way!

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