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[cross-project-issues-dev] ACTION REQUIRED from RAP / REDDEER / WEBTOOLS - respin of Eclipse Platform RC2a and the status on removing slf4j 2.0.0 alpha

Hi folks,

Eclipse Platform have successfully updated their contribution (Thanks Sravan, Thomas, Jetty team and anyone else who got this done that I don't know about!) to SimRel to their RC2a build and that means that Eclipse Platform now no longer contributes the alpha 2.0.0 version.

However other projects still are contributing the bundle to simrel because they are republishing parts or all of Platform RC2 or earlier or jetty 10 from other sources.

Can both reddeer and rap projects look at their contribution to ensure that they are not contributing slf4j 2.0.0 alpha to the simrel please.

As Platform have updated to Jetty 10.0.4, I also see that rap has Jetty 10.0.3 contributed to simrel and webtools has 10.0.2 contributed to webtools. All three versions are in the simrel output repo!

Thank you,

Jonah Graham
Kichwa Coders

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