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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Xtext Leaving Eclipse Simrel with 2021-06


I've been tempted for quite some time to make a similar announcement, only for EMF.   I don't believe I will have the resource to get EMF's build working on the new infrastructure, and most certainly I am highly unlikely to do so without some evidence that the cost and effort involved will not be born only by me personally (and by the helpful-but-overburdened Foundation Staff):

I strongly recommend to the IDE Working Group that action be taken without further delay.


One thing that I would ask, and strongly suggest for Xtext, is simply to leave your current contribution(s) to SimRel as is for contribution to 2021-06 such that the IDE Working Group has time to take action.   There is no absolute requirement that you must provide a new release, right?  Certainly one would hope that it's reasonable to assume that the Platform, and your other dependencies, will remain fully compatible with your most recently release, right?

Physically removing the most recent Xtext release from the 2021-06 train is a bit of a bombshell that affects a great many other projects.  Once we drop this bomb, we may as well throw in the towel...


On 25.03.2021 13:28, Dietrich, Christian wrote:
Hi all,

i want to inform you that we at itemis will no longer drive the participation of Xtext in the Eclipse simultaneous release beginning with the upcoming 2021-06 release

As there are currently no other parties with the capacity to take over the work this will result in Xtext leaving the Simrel. This will also affect other projects in the Simrel that consume Xtext like OCL, Xcore, Parsley and parts of GEF as well as the DSL Package in EPP. (and maybe others)

Please feel free to join the discussion at

KInd Regards, Christian

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