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[cross-project-issues-dev] Gotchas Building Against Eclipse 4.20


So that others can short-circuit problems they're likely to have (may have) building against Eclipse 4.20, take note that IPlatformRunnable has now been removed, but Tycho Surefire <= 2.0.0 Surefire uses it (even though it's deprecated since 2006). There isn't much in the way of diagnosis why the Surefire test launches fail; you have to look in the *.log to see the class load failure is the cause.  As such, if your tests suddenly don't launch when building against 4.20, this most likely why.

I'm not sure about the state of Tycho 2.1.0; I switched to 2.2.0 for EMF's build to be able to launch tests.  Unfortunately with 2.2.0 I could not build certain of my Xcore plugins (strange "inconsistent class hierarchy" errors); it turned about that these failing bundles all had BREE 1.6  and when I moved them to BREE 1.8, that magically avoided the Tycho compile errors.  Probably others won't have such a problem, but maybe good to keep in mind.

Another issue is that there is a newer major version of Jetty in 4.20,  (10.0.1 versus 9.4.27) so I cannot build Oomph until USS SDK provides a new build that does not exclude Jetty 10.x:

Good luck building against 4.20.  Hopefully you can avoid the time consuming pitfalls.


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