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[cross-project-issues-dev] Move websites to GitHub


In an attempt to lower the entry barrier, Platform is discussing the move to GitHub.

It was suggested to move the websites to GitHub. The reason for this is:
  • The websites are currently on Foundation infra and are required to go through Gerrit.
  • Often, we make small changes to our websites and the Gerrit dance is not needed.
  • Webmasters already have CI in place for the websites (it refreshes every 5 minutes)
  • When on GitHub we can use the online tooling to make website changes and see an instant effect.
  • Casual contributors can also fix typos and other small things quickly
Before I file an issue I want to check with X-Project if this generally wanted.

Because of the way the websites are set-up, we all have to go, there is no individual choice.

Cheers, Wim

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