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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Simultaneous Release participation and the Eclipse IDE packages

There is no context in this post...

Note that the train contents themselves should be signed, not just those things actually used in the packages.    Here's what happens when that's not the case:

Such a problem is harder to diagnose when sometimes an artifact is signed and something it's not signed but has the same IU/ID; you never know from which artifact repo the artifact is resolved from and once cached, an older local signed version will be used instead of a newer unsigned remote version, so I might not even notice while testing or running newer tests...

Also, I thought that in fact the Maven artifact was modified in order to make it into a bundle.  Or is it a new artifact that wraps the unmodified Maven jar (jar in jar)?  Or did I misunderstand the process completely?

On 29.01.2021 15:37, Mickael Istria wrote:
This also prevents from shipping the PDE/Maven integration by default in packages because it contains BND artifact (unmodified from Maven) that is not signed with the Eclipse certificate.

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