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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] javax.xml.bind not found

Hi is the source of many things that come in useful.

Many of them are redistributed by Eclipse projects so that users are unaware that they actually come from Orbit.

It may be that you are not using some project that you used to, or that some project no longer redistributes. IIRC Mylyn has been restructuring.


        Ed Willink

On 01/12/2020 08:05, Ralph Soika wrote:


I have a problem with one of my plugins which is using the javax.xml.bind packages to marshal and unmarshal xml classes. The javax.xml.bind is missing in Eclipse 2020-09. So I see exceptions like this one during runtime:

org.eclipse.e4.core.di.InjectionException: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: javax/xml/bind/JAXBContext

Also I am not able to do a maven build from Eclipse 2020-09. The strange thing is that the same plugin still works in Eclipse 2020-06 - and I can build it from that platform. I fear that I had missed something important and also I guess my Maven tycho plugins are outdated.

Can someone point me to a example how a Eclipse Plugin with Tycho should look like. Or better can some point me to a eclipse plugin project of the current release train using  javax.xml.bind, so that I can take the correct configuration from there?

Thanks for any hints and help



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