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[cross-project-issues-dev] Additional Batik 1.13.0 bundles into Orbit for RC1

While we have a small set of Batik 1.13.0 bundles that are used by
projects, there were always additional ones (eg. batik-codec, batik-
transcoder) requested to be updated as well.

There have been issues preventing this work in the past regarding CQ
filing, getting transitive deps right, testing, etc. ShiHeng has
submitted a set of patches to finally complete this and they seem to be
in good shape :

I've also filed and would like to get this in
for RC1 so I wanted to make others aware.

This will not modify any existing Batik 1.13.0 bundles (batik-
{constants,css,i18n,util}), or remove the older ones (1.9.1) as this is
simply an addition. The older ones may be removed in future releases.

Let me know if there's any reason to hold off on this, but otherwise, I
expect to push these changes in by Tuesday, or Wednesday at the latest.

Roland Grunberg

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