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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Building SimRel with Tycho for 2021-03

> There is no such tool for Tycho/category.xml

As I'm currently working on category.xml adding support for source features/bundles if someone can explain what exactly this "fix versions" does I can investigate if it is possible to be added to tycho.

Tycho has already a version-updater for bundles/features so one for category.xml seems valid for me.

Another area I'm currently investigating is creating an update-site of everything in the current reactor build so category.xml is generated automatically, not sure if this is applicable/useful for simrel as well.

> pom.xml / update URLs

Maybe it would be better to collect the URLs in a target definition file as it is more flexible (you can choose what features/versions to include) and has IDE Editing support?

Am 11.11.20 um 08:48 schrieb Mickael Istria:
Hello Jonah,

Thanks for having a look, answer inline

On Tue, Nov 10, 2020 at 5:21 PM Jonah Graham <jonah@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:jonah@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>> wrote:

       1. Merge conflicts - this is probably not such a big deal as the
    tycho validation seems very fast (2 minutes!).

I think the case of merge conflicts are almost non-existent for SimRel: projects typically modify a few lines, or add a few lines, which are independent from others. Git or even plain diff would be able to merge the various change without pain.

       2. Tracking who is paying attention. Until now the rule was touch
    the .aggrcon file, which then was easy to identify with git log. Is
    this rule important going forward? I believe so, and if so can we
    agree on a simple standard for what this looks like? e.g. The <id>
    of the repository in the pom.xml should have the simrel version that
    it was contributed for in the id?

We can indeed set up some new convention in the pom.xml file, either with id, or with some comment convention such as <!-- Sign-Off 2021-03: Not there yet --> to be replaced by <!-- Sign-Off 2021-03: mistria@xxxxxxxxxx <mailto:mistria@xxxxxxxxxx> on 20210112 --> and make the inactive contribution tool report the url of repo for which is just after a "Not there yet" line.

    - Updating version number ranges. The b3 aggregator has a very
    useful "fix versions" action that can set all the version ranges
    quickly and accurately. Is there some way to make this easier with

There is no such tool for Tycho/category.xml at the moment; and I think it's mostly a use-case that is related by some existing PDE and m2e (requiring a lot of work though). One alternative would be to implement a SimRel/Tycho specific tool; that would be more affordable. I'll investigate about it.

    - The gerrit today only has a subset of the parts of CDT that are in
    simrel.aggr/cdt.aggrcom (the only contribution I looked at closely).
    AFAICT only the items that are categorized are present in
    category.xml. Where do uncategorized features end up? Similar
    question about uncategorized bundles. I could add them all to a new
    category if needed.

That seems like a bug in the routine that turns the .aggr model to a category.xml/pom.xml pair. I'll fix it.

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