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[cross-project-issues-dev] OCL, QVTd, QVTo failures


The OCL, QVTd and QVTo weekly forced nightly re-builds have all failed today with a class loading problem that at first glance looks like another gratuitous Java-8-no-longer-supported bug. Probably the same as the reverted breakage two weeks ago from (oddly MoDisco's build did not fail).

I'm afraid that I do not have the time or energy to track down these problems at present. MoDisco, OCL, QVTd and QVTo will therefore revert to the (maintained) 2020-06 release for 2020-09. Once I have caught up with the Xtext deprecations, I may be in a position to progress again.

Hopefully the platform will institute some testing to ensure that Java >8 is only necessary in the dark corner where it is actually necessary, and ideally ensure that in that corner a compatibility functionality invokes a legacy workaround.


        Ed Willink

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