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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Upgrading the Eclipse SDK target environment for the *September* Eclipse release...


This has now happened and it causes a problem. See [1]

Boring Java 8 builds now fail in non-UI contexts.

My understanding of the original report was that I would have difficulty starting the Eclipse UI without Java 11 and I commented that better user help was desirable.

I am therefore disappointed to discover that applications using the non-UI fail since the UI is not separated into a separate bundle.

As I commented on [2]

Seems like moving the whole platform to Java 11 just for Jetty is like amputating a whole leg just because a toe is gangrenous.

Since Java 8 is significantly faster [3], the platform needs to ensure that its beyond Java 8 issues are isolated, e.g an old Jetty if Java 8, a new Jetty if Java 11.


Ed Willink

On 20/03/2020 18:34, Mike Wilson wrote:
Hello cross project people,
The Eclipse Project PMC has approved a change to the target environments for the 2020-09 Eclipse release of the Eclipse Project (that is, our 4.17 release) to be based on Java 11. This will allow us to include Jetty 10, when it is available as indicated here:
Given that this change has the potential to impact downstream projects, we are asking for feedback now: please let us know if you believe this will cause problems for your project.
Note that we are not asking teams to update the BREE for their components, and it is fine for components to support earlier versions of Java. This note is just identifying the version of Java that we will use to validate the September release, and thus will be the supported version for the Eclipse SDK.
the Eclipse Project PMC

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