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Hi all,

In an effort to get more reliable metrics for the Eclipse IDE user base, especially since we're pushing more and more for on-site upgrades instead of downloading a new package on every release, the download numbers shown at have been modified and need to be read a bit differently now:

* The installer download numbers are the exact number of time installer was downloaded (similar to previous releases)
* The individual package numbers do count 1. direct package downloads + 2. installations via p2 (eg via installer and upgrades), relying on p2 download stats

So the number of installer downloads is more or less already included in the total number of package installations. To estimate the current total number of users of this release, you should now just sum the individual packages, and exclude the installer.
Eg, current stats for 2020-06 are about
* Installer: 100,000
* Enterprise Java Package: 70,000
* Java package: 66,000
* C++ package: 15,000
* Others: 11,000
so the estimation of 2020-06 installations is ~170,000 (installer count being alredy dispatched in individual packages).
Note that this is consistent with download stats for previous releases that were giving 30,000+ downloads daily, without counting upgrades. The numbers we see are -as expected- higher as they do count upgrades. Assuming most users start their IDE once a week, typically out of the week-end, have automatic upgrades turned on, and do apply them as soon as they see the notification (that's a lot of things to assume...), most of the actual upgrades should be accounted for by the middle of next week, showing a number much higher than usual for a 1st week after release; and then we should be back to the usual ~30,000 downloads/day.

If you're interested in finer grain stats and their evolution, you can use . This queries the same database as what's used to present download numbers on the download page, and gives more control over the queries.

Mickael Istria
Eclipse IDE developer, for Red Hat Developers

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