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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] feature dependency version incompatibility

Thanks Alexander for pointing me to the pre-reqs target and for logging the bug!

I see that the pre-reqs target is getting the bundles from Orbit, so that answers that part of my question

If I understand correctly, all that will be needed for 4.17 M1 will be to bump the version in platform pre-reqs target.


I wonder if a good practice would be to review the platform pre-reqs target anytime new bundle versions are added to Orbit.

It seems that platform should use the latest versions when possible.

Maybe this check could even be automated, but I’m not sure of the right place to do this.


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On Sat, Jun 13, 2020 at 8:57 AM Homer, Tony <tony.homer@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Some 2020-06 features now require javax.annotation 1.3.5 (Jersey Common from Orbit and bundles that depend on it such as Linux Tools Docker) while others (such as org.eclipse.e4.rcp) still require javax.annotation 1.2.0.


Is it possible to reconcile these dependency chains without rebuilding the features, so that an eclipse application can use several of these conflicting features from SimRel 2020-06?  As far as I know it is not, but I’d love to learn that I am wrong.


e4.rcp does not seem to have any version restriction defined (0.0.0).

e4.rcp is resolving javax.annotation from the updates repo at build time, which provides 1.2.0.

What contributes these third-party dependencies to the updates repo?

Eclipse Platform build using where versions are strictly fixed as updates are not always straightforward when done on the lowest level in the stack.


Shouldn’t third-party dependencies be resolved from Orbit instead of from the updates repo?

How do I update one of these dependencies that is being provided by the updates repo, such as javax.annotation?

Unfortunately there is no other way I'm aware of other than rebuilding eclipse platform after changing the prereqs target file.



In any case, it seems that it must be too late to fix this for 2020-06, but these should get reconciled before 2020-09. 


I'm here with you and have opened to track it down. As the bundle is in Orbit already (thanks!) this shouldn't be an issue to be done for 4.17 M1.


I’m interested in helping with this work, but I’ll need the information I asked for above and could use some direction about which project to log the bug in for tracking.



Tony Homer


P.S. Is this an appropriate discussion for cross-project-issues dev?  I don’t want to spam the list so please let me know if this is off-topic and how I should communicate instead.  Thanks!

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