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[cross-project-issues-dev] MPC Readinness (about Re: [eclipse-pmc] Upgrading the Eclipse SDK target environment for the *September* Eclipse release...)

Hi all,

To prepare the upcoming move to Java 11 as BREE during the 2020-06->2020-09 update, we've added to p2 (opt-out) additional checks preventing the installation of bundles requiring Java 11 when current runtime is Java 8. So that's good.
I submitted a patch to cascade that to MPC: . So far, this patch has received no review. It's been only 5 days, but I think we're kind of in a rush for this, because if such patch doesn't make it in 2020-06, we have a risk of users breaking their installation (like it doesn't restart) when installing content via Marketplace. So it's worth bringing the topic here for anticipation.

Beyond that MPC Git repo didn't show any activity for 2 months.
So I'm wondering:
1. Is MPC effectively active?
2. Do we have guarantee MPC can produce a new release before 2020-06?
3. If MPC committers don't react, what's the most efficient escalation process?

I'm crossing fingers that my patch just falls under the radar, that this email will trigger a review, and that I'm worrying for nothing; but better be safe than sorry!

Thanks in advance

On Fri, Mar 20, 2020 at 7:34 PM Mike Wilson <Mike_Wilson@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hello cross project people,
The Eclipse Project PMC has approved a change to the target environments for the 2020-09 Eclipse release of the Eclipse Project (that is, our 4.17 release) to be based on Java 11. This will allow us to include Jetty 10, when it is available as indicated here:
Given that this change has the potential to impact downstream projects, we are asking for feedback now: please let us know if you believe this will cause problems for your project.
Note that we are not asking teams to update the BREE for their components, and it is fine for components to support earlier versions of Java. This note is just identifying the version of Java that we will use to validate the September release, and thus will be the supported version for the Eclipse SDK.
the Eclipse Project PMC

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