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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Container failure with dbus in jdt.ui-gerrit

Still seems to be the case. Did you file a bug report?


From:        Roland Grunberg <rgrunber@xxxxxxxxxx>
To:        cross-project-issues-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx
Date:        07.05.2020 19:06
Subject:        [EXTERNAL] [cross-project-issues-dev] Container failure with dbus in        jdt.ui-gerrit
Sent by:        cross-project-issues-dev-bounces@xxxxxxxxxxx

those builds seem to be failing with :

12:34:33 process 3933: D-Bus library appears to be incorrectly set up;
failed to read machine uuid: UUID file '/etc/machine-id' should contain
a hex string of length 32, not length 0, with no other text
12:34:33 See the manual page for dbus-uuidgen to correct this issue.
12:34:33   D-Bus not built with -rdynamic so unable to print a backtrace

I don't think this is related to the change, but If I remember, such an
issue is resolved by ensuring the container runs :

dbus-uuidgen > /etc/machine-id

Has something changed about the underlying containers used to run the
builds ?

Looking at :

seems like there was an update about a day ago but no idea if that's
what would have caused it.

Roland Grunberg

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