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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Mylyn to be removed from Eclipse packages

Hi Sam,

sad to heat, I always loved Mylyn and even though I have not used it everyday it has worked quite well.

You mentioned that mylin is stable an mature so isn't it a good indication that there are not much development (bug-free and featurecomplete)?

So maybe it would be better to discuss how we can polish the UI to make it integreate more seamingly?

So what maintenance is exspected? I'm pobbably able to contribute if neccesary if that the only problem, as I would love to see mylin included as part of standard eclipse.

I think there are mayn parts in Eclipse that are sode by some and used never by others. for example the online-help as I haven't used that for over 15 years of Eclipse usage...

Am 24.04.20 um 20:54 schrieb Sam Davis:

It has been proposed that Mylyn be removed from most Eclipse packages [1]. So far only the PHP and Committers packages are planning to continue to include Mylyn. This is a result of the lack of activity on the project and (real or perceived) lack of use of Mylyn.

Mylyn is a stable and mature project, but as various project committers have moved on, there is very little capacity left to maintain it. For now, Mylyn will remain in the SimRel but if this becomes a problem, I will remove it unless a suitable party has stepped up to take on the necessary maintenance.

Note that this refers to Mylyn Tasks/Context/etc. and *not* Mylyn Wikitext.



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