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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Please respin SimRel 2020-06 Milestone 1 (M1) to pickup WTP 3.18.0 M1

Hi Victor,

EPP for M1 was also released today. So no respin possible.

How simrel works is that the job that updates the repo gets disabled sometime late on +3 day (wed) and gets reenabled after the release has happened. That gives all of +4 day to work on and prepare the EPP for release, which is what I did yesterday. Sometimes respins can happen in this window. After the release it is not so much a respin as another release, something that isn't likely to happen for an M1 build.

I can see the WTP M1 contribution to simrel was simply submitted too late this time.


Jonah Graham
Kichwa Coders

On Fri, 17 Apr 2020 at 15:54, Victor V. Rubezhny <vrubezhn@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

All the day today up to this evening hadn't had WTP M1 bits.
Now, I confirm, it contains WTP 3.18 M1. Magic happens.

So, EPP M1 build can be respinned in order to pick up WTP 3.18 M1.

Thanks for pointing,

On 4/17/20 9:23 PM, Mickael Istria wrote:
> Hi,
> I agree it is way too late.
> Note that
> produces build from the "master" SimRel at
> which seems to contain
> WTP M1. So you don't need to wait for M2 to start testing.

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