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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] fork of EPL code in EPL project allowed?


I don't recommend 'cloning' the original packaging or even part of it. It will create mega-confusion for humans and tools.

I just copy the relevant classes to a new *.ripoffs package so that they are packaged and maintained where they are needed.

Make sure that you do a first commit to GIT before you make any changes other than the package refactoring and an introductory comment crediting the provenance and rationale. This will make it much easier to 'merge' any changes that subsequently occur in the original. (Obviously the copyright stays the same, except perhaps to add "and others".)


        Ed Willink

On 27/03/2020 10:19, Henrik Rentz-Reichert (hrr) wrote:

the Eclipse eTrice project filed a bug [1] against the Text component of the Platform.
We would like to use the org.eclipse.jface.text.rules.RuleBasedScanner in a headless application. The RuleBasedScanner and related classes aren't depending on UI stuff, which is fine. However, the org.eclipse.jface.text bundle is depending on SWT. So we asked for a split into UI dependent and UI independent parts into separate bundles.

Since [1] didn't receive an answer within 3 month and I also assume that it's not likely that this part would be split off and moved to a separate bundle, my question is:
Is it allowed that the eTrice project forks the needed classes unchanged into its own code base? Of course this would require to place them inside a new bundle, e.g. org.eclipse.jface.text.rules, to avoid conflicts.


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