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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] weird MPC versions causing grief


thanks, Carsten, for your work on this issue and Ed for your input. Great that you found the root cause and are able to provide a fix. Once you have committed the fix, I will test it and include it for RC2.

Regarding the mechanism to fix the update sites: I have tested a bit more and found out that restarting eclipse does in fact add the artifact repositories for MPC. So after restart (which most users will do after an update to the fixed MPC), everything works fine. So I guess, such a repair mechanism does not help much.

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> I noticed that for the update check we only ever load the metadata 
> repository [...] we now have an update site list with just a metadata 
> repo and no corresponding artifact repo, which would completely 
> explain the observed errors.

Now I'm wondering if we should attempt to fix the update site list retroactively, i.e. scan for all metadata repos in the list that don't have a corresponding artifact repo, and add it. Theoretically, there could be cases where there is no 1:1 mapping between the two, but I think the common case is that both should exist.


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