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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] [ACTION REQUIRED for 2020-03 M2] UML2, m2e, XWT, Web Tools (transitively eclipselink), and Linux Tools (transitively swtchart)

Thank you Kenn!  Also thank you in advanced to the various people who appear to be actively responding to the bug reports!!

Given there is activity on all the bugs, I believe there is now a very good chance that 2020-03 M2 might well deliver with only conforming license text and with only signed content.  That would be a first in a very long time...

At this point, if there were enough resource for the work, the simrel validation job could/should be enhanced to prevent future regressions.

With respect to regressions of the license text, PLEASE BE CAREFUL with global search and replace.  DO NOT DO THAT for and *.product files without confirming manually that you are NOT changing license text!!  So if you are doing http -> https migration of documentation,  or doing EPL 1.0 -> EPL 2.0 migration, please be careful.   It's already happened twice in the last month...

On 01.02.2020 02:52, Kenn Hussey wrote:
A new build has been contributed for M2 that addresses the license and branding issues with UML2. Apologies for the inconvenience.

On Fri, Jan 31, 2020 at 6:00 AM Ed Merks <ed.merks@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:


Now that EPP maintainers as a group appear to have stepped up to help produce EPP 2020-03 M2, we can probably expect M2 to arrive next Friday.  I say "probably",  because I see no sign on EPP-dev that there is general participation agreement and concrete progress on the rotating-schedule approach.  But I keep my fingers crossed and thank Jonah Graham in advance on behalf of us all.

Assuming the full train's deliverables arrive on schedule, we can expect it to arrive with the precisely the problems reported for the current state of the 2020-03 staging repository:

UML2, and likely/perhaps m2e and XWT will continue to deliver badly licensed content.  While the latter two projects have made progress, these bug reports remain open for the outstanding issues:

Web Tools will deliver unsigned content:

I believe the source of all this unsigned content is and will ultimately come from one of these eclipselink repositories:

Unfortunately the report doesn't show the problem with jakarta.persistence.  I believe that's the case because there transitively are only java.package requirements on that IU.  SimRel reporting could be improved.

In any case, we can see all of these unsigned installable units in this Web Tools repository's report:

I've opened this bug report to track the problem:

Linux Tools too will deliver unsigned content:

Unfortunately the report does not directly show this as a problem because the transitive dependency is not bound to a specific version of org.eclipse.swtchart:;_org.eclipse.swtchart_0.0.0

Again, SimRel reporting could be improved.  In any case, I can see that org.eclipse.swtchart comes from the Linux Tools repository's report:

 I believe the source is and will be indirectly come from one of these swtchart repositories:

I've opened this bug report:

As we can see, while eclipselink and swtchart are not directly on the train, indirectly Web Tools and Linux Tools deliver their content onto the train nevertheless. 

For the inquiring minds, the org.eclipse.persistence.* plugins are in the JEE EPP package and the swtchart plugin is in the CDT EPP package, so both these canned packages contain or will contain unsigned content.


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