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[cross-project-issues-dev] Can SLF4J be made the official logging API for Eclipse projects?

Log4j 1.x reached end of life in 2015. The documentation for it now appears to have gone offline. There are some Eclipse projects (call them L1 projects) that currently use Log4j 1.x directly rather than SLF4J. That means that any projects that depend on L1 projects cannot use Log4J 2.x without risking dependency collisions from attempting to load multiple versions of Log4J.


SLF4J was created precisely to eliminate dependencies on specific logging implementations.


It is important that libraries like those that plug into Eclipse not unintentionally force a specific logging implementation on their users. Those library developers have no way of knowing – and probably no way of satisfying – all the requirements of their various sets of users.


Given that, it seems that Eclipse should make SLF4J the ‘official’ logging API for all Eclipse libraries.






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