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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Use Milestones/RCs To Test and Run


Yes. It would be great and in the past I did that re-installing for many 6/8 weekly milestones. But with three weekly milestones, not all of which have a coherent set of contributions and four releases a year I just do not have time. In the past four RCs provided an opportunity for test. Now the platform is pretty much done before RC1 is declared complete. It's unacceptably fast and now you see the consequences. I just have to keep my fingers crossed interactively. API-wise, all my projects have a forced weekly rebuild that catches out quite a few regressions. Sadly some like have to wait 9 months until the platform team 'duplicates'. 


        Ed Willink

On 13/12/2019 10:23, Daniel Megert wrote:
It would be great if everyone could at least test or even better, run on the latest milestone/RC. Platform got a stop ship bug for 4.13 and one for 4.14 reported after RC2. The 4.13 bug was introduced in M3 and the 4.14 bug in M1. So, there would have been enough room to find the bugs earlier.

Of course the Platform team does exactly that but everyone has its own patterns how to work and hence, unfortunately did not detect those bugs.

Thanks to everyone who helps with testing!

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