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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] [] Restrict BIRT's Contribution...

Hi Ed

Is BIRT causing a regression in 4.14 or was it in the same state in 4.13? If the latter, I'm a bit concerned to do this in RC2.


From:        Ed Merks <ed.merks@xxxxxxxxx>
To:        cross-project-issues-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx
Cc:        Eclipse Planning Council <>
Date:        09.12.2019 12:51
Subject:        [EXTERNAL] Re: [] [cross-project-issues-dev]        Restrict BIRT's Contribution...
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I'll give the BIRT team until the end of today take respond and/or take
action, and failing that, I think it best that I take "executive action"
and limit BIRT's contribution to the feature needed by the train's
downstream consumers.  It's also probably best to do as Ed suggests,
I.e., remove the BIRT custom category as well because I have no idea
what user-level functionality is provided by this small feature.

If anyone has concerns or objections, please speak up as soon as
possible, because tomorrow I'll take action.


On 07.12.2019 11:50, Ed Willink wrote:
> HI
> On 07/12/2019 09:39, Ed Merks wrote:
>>> Therefore surely all BIRT features should be removed from all SimRel
>>> categories?
>> I took the approach of minimizing the impact, leaving this charting
>> feature in the category.  I think that's least disruptive at this point.
> The BIRT chart feature would still be there for those who explore the
> uncategorized view and of course for transitive install by consuming
> projects such as MoDisco.
> No BIRT feature would be there to fool users into believing there is a
> BIRT tool.
> For MoDisco it appears that total loss of BIRT would just require an
> optional feature to be removed. Since that feature enables BIRT charts
> to be modelized and BIRT is missing, retaining the feature presumably
> only supports rescue of legacy BIRT charts.
>     Regards
>         Ed
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