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[cross-project-issues-dev] LSP4E: A Problem Waiting to Happen?


It's me the nagger again. I know many of you are editing your *.aggrcon manually.  This is mildly annoying.  When I edit using the editor and save my changes, all the files being edited manually change.

I can and do revert all these, but it's annoying.

Unfortunately this approach also makes it easy (and likely) to overlook problems in the consistency of the overall simrel.aggr resource.

In addition, the recommended process for contributing is to point your contribution at a specific update site:

When you don't do this, your contribution will potentially change dynamically, which might be convenient for you, but it is problematic from an overall consistency point of view.  It's also less than idea if your specific site updates its content dynamically...

Why do I harp about this?  I'm quite sure that lsp4e intends to contribute the 0.13.0 release for 2019-12:

But look closely at what the editor tells us:

While the "dynamically changing" repo (I can only assume that this is the case) does contain version 1.30.0, this is not what's contributed to the the 2019-12 release train.  Somewhere (and I have no clue from where) the 0.12.0 version is found and that's what's on the train:

I'm quite sure this is not the intent so I've opened this Bugzilla:


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