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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Text and / or Icons on Buttons / ToolbarItems


Firstly let me thank you for the effort invested in these changes.  Don't take critique as a sign of ungratefulness.  Without creative people like you to take action there would be no progress.  Unfortunately it's also the case that no good deed goes unpunished...

I read the whole Bugzilla, but I see no mention of a decision to use "Find Actions" and hence no underlying thought process for why this specific wording was chosen.  I did see mention of "most customers don't know what Quick Access does".  But some do apparently.  We don't really have any concrete data as a basis for making a statistically-based argument one way or the other.  So whether "Find Actions" as a label will help customers find it this useful control and will also help them understand that by "Actions" this really means that they can quickly find shortcuts to "Open" Views, "Open" Perspectives, "Invoke/Run/Execute/Perform" Commands, "Do Something With with" Menus (though I wonder how is that different conceptually from a Command?), "Create a" New "Something", "Open" Preferences, and maybe more eventually?  Will that be more helped customers than the ones who wonder where Quick Access has gone? Perhaps? Probably?  No doubt way more customers will be helped?

Let's assume that this new UI design will help more people find this useful feature than it will hinder people looking for the familiar "Quick Access" because the replacement UI appears in exactly the same place as before.   It certainly seems a reasonable assumption. Maybe almost everyone uses Ctrl-3 away and won't care one way or the other.

But is "Find Actions" the ideal term to use here?  I know you can Find things this way, and I suppose whatever you do with that thing you find is an action...

Also, the +/+ with the wand icon looks quite a bit like the + used for creating new things and it's hard to see that there is a flashlight on the end of the wand. Maybe someone graphically creative could make an even better icon?  I.e., one so pretty, meaningful, and attention grabbing that it screams "Click me, I'm awesomely useful!".  Then we might not need any text and we'll make the screen-wastage-averse users even happier. (One might even consider whether the toolbar could now be made even more compact in terms of height.)

Should these be discussed on this already-fixed Bugzilla or on some other existing/new dedicated Bugzilla? 


On 28.09.2019 07:46, Mickael Istria wrote:

On Sat, Sep 28, 2019 at 5:53 AM Ed Merks <ed.merks@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
But I wonder why the change of wording from "Quick Access", which is very general, to "Find Actions", which is more specific than what the button actually does?  Note only that, use the button and type "x":

I don't see any "Actions". I'm also concern that our large user base is likely to not recognize this as a new, improved "Quick Access" replacement.

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