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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Text and / or Icons on Buttons / Toolbar Items

I would like to point to a somewhat official resource, the Eclipse UI
guidelines at Those
don't give a definitive answer, but they tell this:
is all about consistency. lists
all the different kinds of icons used in eclipse (and buttons are not
mentioned there).

That being said, my own point of view is: Icons are useful for
displaying "object information" generally (that is the icons in trees or
tables etc.). They are also useful when space is limited (toolbars) or a
selection is necessary from many things (menu items). But for typical
button rows of 3 to 5 buttons I cannot imagine they improve the user
interaction, according to the "we can deal with 5 to 7 things at once"

So to me adding icons to all those button rows would mean big effort,
less consistency with existing external plugins, and probably 
neglectable benefit.

Ciao, Michael

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