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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Text and / or Icons on Buttons / Toolbar Items

Like Mickael, we've tried to more consistently have icons in the Oomph's  menus and buttons.  It just seems prettier. :-P

But if you'll excuse my ignorance,  what are "emojis"? Unicode characters?  Sorry to say that they don't look so nice and if they are unicode characters you never know how they will be rendered on each OS...

As for "image mining", I shouldn't admit this out loud, but I wrote a small utility that scans all bundles with names starting with org.eclipse.* that are in my very old and very big bundle pool and finds all the gifs, jpegs, and pngs, hashes them for image uniqueness, and then organizes them into folder based on size, preserving the file name so I can search for images based on those names.  It's a pretty convenient image shop. :-P

On 25.09.2019 12:14, Mickael Istria wrote:

On Wed, Sep 25, 2019 at 11:46 AM Becker, Matthias <ma.becker@xxxxxxx> wrote:
What’s the reason for not having icons on the other locations? The Add, Remove, Up, Down and Edit buttons could also get icons (that already either already exist in Eclipse or are known by “everybody” from every day’s life).

Note that I don't have an answer, but I fully agree with you that icon really improve the "comfort" of the application as a user.
In Platform and JDT, I usually just repeat the reference state and don't add icons to buttons, but in other projects I work on, I usually try to add an icon about everywhere. And actually rather than building icons or digging existing icons (which is a pretty expensive task), I usually just add emojis in here. They just work and are well known:
* ➕ Add
* 🗑️ Remove
* 🖊️ Edit
* ▶️ Run
* ❌ Cancel
* ✔️ OK
* 📂 Browse
* 🔍 Find
* 🔬 Details
* 🔭 Search (pretty good for remote/cloud search)
* ⏳Pending
* ...

If we can collectively agree emojis are fine, then I'd be glad to contrbute to building a set of reference label->emoji recommendation and upon approval make those used everywhere possible.
Wouldn't it be a topic to decide through Architecture Council?

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