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[cross-project-issues-dev] ACTION REQUIRED: SimRel Participants Please Fix Your SimRel Contribution's Problems


With 2019-09 out the door and with 2019-12 in the pipeline I would like to ask (I'll beg if necessary) that contributors to SimRel take action to improve the quality of what they contribute to the train.

The p2 quality report for the final 2019-09 repo is far from ideal:

It's a complete mess of bogus licenses and it contains unsigned content. Our users will notice this with dialogs containing bogus/duplicate licenses and with dialogs asking them to install unsigned content.  This does not reflect well on Eclipse's release engineering practices; it generally reflects poorly on all of us as a group.

I've started generating reports based directly on your current/actual SimRel contributions:

The information in those reports is documented here:

The report is generated daily and will reflect what you have committed for contribution to the train at that point in time.

As such, each SimRel participant now has a specialized report focused on their specific contributions to the release train and their specific repositories used for that purpose.

For example Eclipse Collections has this specific report:

So it's clear that Eclipse Collections is not paying attention and is not following the rules.  "No License" is not a license and unsigned content is not acceptable.

I hope each of you will look at your specific report and take action as necessary.  If you elect not to do that, take note that the reports know your email addresses.  Furthermore, if action is not taken in the coming weeks, I will ask the Planning Council do adopt an enforcement policy with respect to the long-established participation requirements:

If anyone needs help, I'm here for that purpose.  Send me an email or comment in

Note that the license problem, i.e.,  all the various corrupted versions of SUA 2.0, is easy to fix, e.g., I fixed it like this for the Platform:

Please, please, please do your part to make the next release a bright shining star.


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