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[cross-project-issues-dev] End of Era: p2.statsURI and p2.mirrorsURL editing


My prevailing practice is/was to publish the final RC as the release once the quiet 'week' is progressing without hiccoughs. This requires some 'simple' copies and renames from a milestones tree to the release tree. It was also necessary to use ssh and vi to edit the artifacts.jar to add p2.statsURI and p2.mirrorsURL properties manually. has been fixed so that Tycho can now auto-generate p2.statsURI and p2.mirrorsURL properties in artifacts.jar; thanks guys.

But Tycho auto-generates at build time rather than edits during quiet 'week' publish-time. The simplest solution is to add the p2.statsURI and p2.mirrorsURL to all stable builds, rather than do a new release build during the quiet 'week'.

Question: will the p2.statsURI and p2.mirrorsURL properties break P2 milestone repos if milestone builds have these properties with values applicable to the published release?


        Ed Willink

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