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[cross-project-issues-dev] 2019-09 Simultaneous Release

Hey Folks. It's coming up on that time again...

The Milestone 2 date is August 9. If you are contributing any new bits to the simultaneous release, then you really should have something in the builds by that date.

The rest of the dates are in the usual location.

Milestone 2 is effectively the opt-in date. According to the participation rules, if your project is participating in the release (whether or not you will be contributing new content), you need to signal that participation by changing your project's aggrcon file prior to the M2 date (projects joining the simultaneous release should have opted-in on the mailing list already). 

If you are submitting new content, then you'll need to issue a Release with that new content. Note that changes to the Eclipse Development Process now allow projects to engage in Releases for an entire year following a successful Release Review, so a review is likely not required for many/most participants. You still need to create a Release record in the PMI. 

Whether or not the project engages in a formal review, project teams are still required to implement the IP Policy. That is, all intellectual property contained in your Release must be vetted by the IP Team before it is included. An IP Log review is only required if you're engaging in a Release Review.


Wayne Beaton

Director of Open Source Projects | Eclipse Foundation, Inc.

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