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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] The Eclipse IDE 2019-06 release is available now!



Just like last time, each of them simply composing the 2019-06 version until the first real 2019-09 build replaces it with a real M* build.  Then I can create installations (and target platforms) today that will automatically update to the moving 2019-09 stream as it updates towards the next release.


On 19.06.2019 17:50, Christian Dietrich wrote:
(no s in download) would be nice

Am 19.06.19 um 17:26 schrieb Frederic Gurr:

Thanks for opening the license agreement bug, we can use it as an
umbrella bug and remind the projects again.

With regards to signing, I'm not sure what the right answer is. It seems
  obvious that the executables should be signed, but we should
double-check that we don't introduce a regression through that.

Placeholder repos:
It's already on my list for "after release day" actions here:

With the two placeholder repos you are referring to and IIRC, so far there were
only requests for the ../releases/2019-09 repo. Do you also need the
staging repo before M1?



On 19.06.19 17:11, Ed Merks wrote:

I've opened but I
think in the end, this needs to be fixed by multiple different
projects.  I've previously sent notes outlining the various problems
between the various versions.

On there seems to
be some debate about whether the executables in the p2 repo should be
signed or not, but I find the discussion kind of bizarre.  Either
digital signatures of executables are important or they are not, but to
argue they are only important in the packaged products but not in the p2
repo is something I simply cannot fathom.  But as I said, if no one
actually cares, why I should I?

What I do care about is that it would be nice if we could put in place
the two placeholder repos for 2019-09 so I can get the setups in place
for starting the next stream...  Kudos that releases/latest points in
the right thing already.  :-)


On 19.06.2019 16:14, Frederic Gurr wrote:

Thanks for your help and your rigorous last minute tests. :)

Please create a bug for the user agreement issue.



On 19.06.19 16:11, Ed Merks wrote:

I was successful installing the Eclipse IDE for Java product with the
latest installer, the latest repos, and the latest product catalog.  So
it looks like we've collectively done a good job.

Maybe for the next release we can better signing in place and reduce the
five different versions of the User Agreement down to just one:


On 19.06.2019 16:00, Frederic Gurr wrote:
The main repository is at

( also points to it)

The EPP (all-in-one) packages are available at

The landing page can be found here:

Thanks to all users, bug reporters, contributors, committers, releng
engineers and everyone else involved with making this release possible!



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