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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Request for Respin 2019-06


I will reluctantly give it a +0.

Sorry, it's really very short notice and a significant number of people will need to take action to make this happen, including people in Europe for whom this is already late in the day (I'm in Ottawa today), suggesting that this perhaps can't be done in time for mirrors to catch up by tomorrow's release schedule.

So I'll leave this to others (affected parties who must take action) to make this decision.   Shifting the release day is just bad publicity it seems to me...

On 18.06.2019 15:27, Dietrich, Christian wrote:
Dear PMC & cross-project members,

the Xtext team is apologising for speaking up in the quiet week of 2019-06.

We currently have Xtext 2.18.0 M3 in the simrel since was never
merged after the simrel builder server downtime (around june 3rd) and
it slipped through our minds.

The hints on the Xtext-Dev Mailing list last week we never saw cause
the mailing list seems to be broken and i did not receive any mails.

We are hereby asking Eclipse Modeling PMC to support our request for a respin.

With kind regards,

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