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[cross-project-issues-dev] Updated XWT version for 2019-06

Hello Eclipse release team,


We discovered a major bug in Papyrus due to one of its dependency’s incompatibility with the recent 2019-06 code changes.

To that end we added several minor fixes to the latest 1.3.1 release which can be viewed here [1]. This produced the 1.4.0 release that can be viewed on the latest Jenkins jobs [2] and will be available shortly on the server as a milestone until approved.


As XWT had participated to the 2019-06 release with its 1.3.1 release until now, we would like to ask if we could instead modify the aggregator to point on the 1.4.0 release instead and have it natively in the release repository.


Regards and thanks,








Patrick Tessier

Member of System Requirements and Compliance Team

Technical lead of Papyrus


01 69 08 48 63



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