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[cross-project-issues-dev] Updates on New and Noteworthy page for Eclipse release train

Dear project leads,
For the 2019-06 release, the Eclipse Foundation has automated the process of collecting the URLs for the New and Noteworthy (N&N) page of the projects and creating the N&N page for the Release train. The page will be similar to the 2019-03 release New and Noteworthy page, but the N&N URLs will be fetched from the New & Noteworthy URL field in the Review Documentation section of the participating project’s release record. Only those projects that provide their N&N URL in the release record will be added to the page.
If your project doesn’t have a N&N page yet, you are encouraged to create a page that highlights the noteworthy features of your project in this release. To get started, you can take a look at the template used by the Eclipse SDK project. You can also look at the N&N pages of the other projects for the 2019-03 release here.
You are encouraged to add the N&N URLs for your respective projects to the release record as soon as possible and latest by June 7.
- It is not needed to do a release review if not necessary (please see Wayne's note). The URL can be added anyway.
- If no new record is created for the June release, make sure the release record of the contributed version has the URL set.
Thanks & Regards,
Lakshmi P Shanmugam,
Eclipse Platform Co-lead,
India Software Lab, Bangalore

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