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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Simrel Version issue - Object Teams

Thanks for the heads-up

The Object Teams contribution has been updated and re-enabled.

Since nothing related has changed in the Object Teams build for a long time, and since failures also started occurring during the Object Teams build just now, I have the feeling that p2 resolution / constraint evaluation has been changed recently. I will await the next milestone to see if a fundamental change is (again) required in Object Teams due to platform changes. Until then please don't hesitate to disable again if the next Platform/JDT contribution triggers the same issue again.


On 12.04.19 09:20, Manoj Palat wrote:
Hi Stephan,
Simrel for 4.12 M1 is failing as Object Teams contribution requires 3.17 version of JDT Core while 4.12 M1 Eclipse platform has increased its version to 3.18. I am disabling Object Teams contribution for now. Please re-enable after the problem is fixed.


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