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[cross-project-issues-dev] Preparing for 2019-03M2...

2019-03M2 is on February 8/2019.

The Eclipse Planning Council asks that every participating project have a committer "touch" their project's aggrcon file as a means of letting us know that they're paying attention (even if there is no change). If you're a representative for your project, please do this before the milestone 2 deadline. AFAICT, 49 aggrcon files have not been updated in 2019.

If your project is contributing new content to the simultaneous release, then you need to create a release record before the milestone 2 date.

If you're including a major or minor release, you may require a release review. Due to changes that we made to the EDP late last year, projects that have engaged in a release review since March 20/2018 may make a release without an additional review (more generally, your project may issue releases for an entire year following either a successful Release Review or one of the new Progress Reviews). There's more in the new EDP.

Please do create the release record (even if you don't require a review) as we use these to drive the creation of metrics related to the simultaneous release. This is especially true for projects that include subprojects in their releases (e.g. Eclipse Project and Eclipse Web Tools).

Note that even if your project does not require a review, you are required to follow the IP Policy and engage in the IP Due Diligence Process. I am periodically scanning the simultaneous release repository to ensure that we don't include IP that has not been properly vetted. Let me know if you need any assistance in this area.

Four projects have dropped out starting with this release.
  • Eclipse MoDisco;
  • Eclipse EMF Facet;
  • EclipseLink; and 
  • Eclipse Yasson
Please let the group know if your project should be added to this list. Projects that have withdrawn from the simultaneous release must please also remove their aggrcon files from the repository.

I'm a little concerned that we have a handful of understaffed projects that may not be paying attention. If your project is going to have trouble meeting testing requirements or otherwise maintaining the expected quality standard, please let us know.

The opt-in deadline has passed for new projects joining this release. Any projects that want to jump on will need to have their PMC petition the Eclipse Planning Council. This does not apply to projects that participated in the previous release. Let me know if you need assistance.



Wayne Beaton

Director of Open Source Projects | Eclipse Foundation, Inc.

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