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[cross-project-issues-dev] Move of the Error log view from PDE to Platform.

Hi All,

We have made the changes to move the Error log view from PDE to Platform. If there are no objections today then we are going to release the platform/platform releng and PDE code tomorrow morning. 

Please reply on the bug. Not by mail.

* Removed the view from the PDE feature
* (Re)moved the view code (to platform)
* Removed the entry in the PDE pom.xml

Platform.releng (
* Added the bundle to the platform feature

Platform.ui (
* Added the view code
* Changed the view's pom.xml to use the correct parent
* Bumped the last segment of the version number
* Added the module to the bundles' pom
General remarks
* The view is self-contained which means that it takes care of itself like additions to
the view registry, perspective extensions, translations etc. * Any unknown outside references (e.g. people wanting to show the view in program code,
extensions to the view menu, etc..) should already be done with the view id. Therefore,
 the view id does not change but will be kept in the pde domain: org.eclipse.pde.runtime.LogView
Best regards,


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