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[cross-project-issues-dev] EPP 2018-12 Repo Doesn't Appear Prepared for Tomorrow's Release


I'm growing concerned that I don't yet see the EPP repo for 2018-12 in a state where it is prepared for tomorrow's release.

In particular 2018-12 looks like this at the moment:

Normally, at the time of the release, the repo looks like this:

I.e., the repo changes from being a composite to being a simple/aggregate.   That can of course happen tomorrow (changing the p2.index and making the artifacts/content files visible) but at some point very soon (today) the binary, features, and plugins folders should be populated so that mirrors have a chance to mirror those folders before users start using the repo tomorrow.  Otherwise, users installing with the installer will install RC1 (if the repo doesn't change at all before tomorrow) or they will need to download directly from for lack of mirrors, possibly bring the server to its knees.

Has something been overlooked?


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