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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Removing aCute from SimRel


Your hard working committer reps (Dani and I) are actively involved in the discussions around being able to ship a bundled JRE along with select EPP's packages and in Oomph's installer. 

You can follow the details in the minutes:

In particular, in June this was approved:

But as the notes suggest, the vote was subsequently voided due to lack of notice on the topic prior to the June meeting, with more details about that in July:

Since July, it was further discussed in the IP Advisory committee (which I attend, though not as regularly as I should; lots of discussions around spec processes for Jakarata enablement among lots of lawyers) and at the face-to-face October board meeting; those those minutes are not linked yet.

You can see the players involved and you can imagine that behind those players are large legal organizations that tend to move slowly and to be highly conservative. I feel the trend is now in the right direction again to get this on track eventually...  But I wouldn't start holding my breath just yet!


On 27.11.2018 22:32, Mickael Istria wrote:
By the way, I'd like to use this as an opportunity to remind that (according to our experience with Corrosion/Rust EPP) some EPP packages really fail at reaching their full audience because of . I can't wait to read some news from the Board or EMO about it...
Basically, is also involved in the removal of aCute from SimRel: if including a JRE in EPP were approved (like it seems to be for Docker-based deliveries), then we may have seen more interest in aCute shipped as EPP and aCute would have been forced to remain in SimRel.

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