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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Will the Platform Start Making Major Version Increments?

On 10/30/18 11:29, Daniel Megert wrote:
Hi Ed

Last time we discussed this in 2017 there were different opinions on this topic but we never decided on the topic. Today we decided unanimously that in general we will NOT increase the major version when removing deprecated API.


Wouldn't it be best to update the wiki document, Version Numbering [1], with some explicit guideline in the hope for consistency between projects?

Or, do you think the pointer to Evolving Java-based APIs [2] suffices? It does have a section there that includes the following sentence:

  [...] obsolete API elements are notoriously difficult to get rid of. Obsolete API elements should be marked
  as deprecated and point new customers at the new API that replaces it, but need to continue working as advertised
  for a couple more releases until the expense of breakage is low enough that it can be deleted.

But I think explicitness is best. I am not sure "... the expense of breakage is low enough ..." would be interpreted as "no major version change required".

I have opened Bug 540859 in case further discussion is required it can be done there.



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