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[cross-project-issues-dev] JDK 11 and 12ea available for JIPPs


JDK 11 GA as well as JDK 12ea+13 have been made available to all JIPPs in /shared/common/java. See [1] and [2] for complete list of available tools. If you need the Jenkins JDK Tool to be added to your instance, just open a bug to ask for it. The global Maven toolchain has been changed accordingly as well. 

Note that we've deleted all previous Oracle's early access builds in accordance with [3].

We also added an early access version of JDK 12.

Both JDK 11 GA and JDK 12ea+13 are Oracle GPL+CE [4] builds of OpenJDK available from

Note that the new Oracle Technology Network License Agreement for Oracle Java SE [5] is substantially different from the licenses under which previous versions of the JDK were offered. Previous versions of Oracle JDK were offered under the Oracle Binary Code License (BCL) for Java SE [6]. 

As such, starting with JDK 11, the Eclipse Foundation won't provide any new version of the JDK from Oracle licensed under the -commercial- Oracle Technology Network (OTN) terms. Previous version (JDK 10 and earlier), will stay available as is. See the differences between Oracle's OpenJDK Builds (GPL+CE) and Oracle JDK (OTN) on Oracle Director of Product Management's blog post [7]. 


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