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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Mirror issues

At the risk of being That Guy, have you considered that the mirrors are trashing their ancient releases and moving up to the newer stuff?

Neon is so a couple years ago. 2016 was a much simpler time. Now we live in the Photon and 2018-09 world. Can you use one of those instead?

There's also a flag to disable using the mirrors and just pull directly from 


On Wed, Oct 3, 2018 at 5:20 PM Ernesto Posse <eposse@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi. I’m trying to build a project which downloads Neon artifacts from but I keep getting errors like this:

[INFO] Fetching org.eclipse.e4.ui.model.workbench_1.2.0.v20160229-1459.jar.pack.gz from (106.56kB)
[INFO] Unpacking org.eclipse.e4.ui.model.workbench_1.2.0.v20160229-1459...
[ERROR] An error occurred while transferring artifact packed: osgi.bundle,,1.2.100.v20160506-0759 from repository
[ERROR]    Retry another mirror:
[ERROR] Internal error: org.eclipse.tycho.repository.local.MirroringArtifactProvider$MirroringFailedException: Could not mirror artifact osgi.bundle,,1.2.100.v20160506-0759 into the local Maven repository.See log output for details. Network is unreachable (connect failed) -> [Help 1]

(not only for org.eclipse.e4.ui.services_1.2.100 but other artifacts as well)

Is anyone else seeing these problems? Is this particular mirror ( 


Ernesto Posse
Zeligsoft (2009) Ltd.

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