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[cross-project-issues-dev] 2018-12 opt-in

No explicit opt-in is required for returning projects. We're going to sort this out automatically from the aggregation files. 

Note that aggregation files need to be authored such that builds are repeatable. That is, you cannot point your aggregation file to the "lastest and greatest"; it must point to a specific version of your software.

Any project that wishes to join the simultaneous release, but did not participate in the previous iteration needs to announce their intent to participate by the M1 date (October 19). If you are leaving the simultaneous release, please turn off or remove your aggregation file; an announcement on this list would be very helpful.

If your project is introducing breaking change or is otherwise adding functionality that may have downstream impact, we expect that you will announce these changes as early as possible via this list.

If you are planning a new major or minor release, please enter your project's release record into the PMI by the M1 date (October 19). Release records are not required for service releases.

Note that your project must be consistent with the IP Policy at all times. Releases, even service releases, may only contain third party IP that has been resolved by the IP Team.

No new functionality can be added in any Release Candidate. If you are contributing new bits to this instance of the simultaneous release, you must participate in the milestones.

I will be posting a complete list of dates on the wiki later today or tomorrow. Further updates as events warrant.



Wayne Beaton

Director of Open Source Projects | Eclipse Foundation, Inc.

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