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[cross-project-issues-dev] Amalgamation leaving the SimRel

Hi all,

This is just to announce that the Amalgamation project will be leaving the SimRel starting with 2018-12.

The different components which Amalgam contributed were:
- the discovery UI, which used to be installed inside the Modeling EPP package, but this no longer the case; - the "Activity Explorer", which to my knowledge nobody depends on in the SimRel; - the "Contextual Browser", which was used by an optional feature of Ecore Tools. Cédric (Ecore Tools lead) gave his +2 to the patch [1] which removes this feature for Ecore Tools' contribution. This also impacts the Modeling package [2] as it contains this particular Ecore Tools feature. Rémi (maintainer of the modeling package) is OK with the change too.

The rationale is that these components' primary user is Capella [3], which has a completely different release cycle from the Eclipse SimRel, so in our view it does not make much sense to tie the Amalgamation releases to the Eclipse SimRel.

Unless somebody takes issue with this change, I'll merge the patches by the end of the week.



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