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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] [modeling-pmc] Xtext blocking issue - request for respin of 2018-09

Hi Ed

Rewrite currently available on OCL branch ewillink/539110; see

Currently building. I presume that your request to "address with the highest priority" is a +1 to contribute a successful OCL 6.5.0RC2a rebuild; hopefully later this afternoon.


        Ed Willink

On 16/09/2018 10:18, Ed Merks wrote:


Yes, I imagine that is by transitivity also a major problem.  :-(

JDK code is never fair game.  Fair game always depends on the license of the source; the JDK does not have a friendly license for any copy-and-paste efforts.  Fair game must also follow attribution rules, because we can expect the patent trolls of the world to evolve into copyright attribution trolls.  As such, no matter how trivial, copying code from the JDK is always bad news.  The source being trivial just begs the question why a trivial thing can't be trivially implemented without copy-and-paste!

At least the attribution rules have been followed, but of course "copied from the JDK" is a screaming red flag for any IP reviews.

Please address this issue with highest priority.  The SimRel respin cannot be allowed to drag into Tuesday.


On 16.09.2018 10:58, Ed Willink wrote:


If Xtext has an IP issue on org.eclipse.xtext.util.Strings then does OCL have a problem with

which has two routines commented as e.g.

     * Mostly copied from {@link java.util.Properties#loadConvert} via
     * {@link org.eclipse.xtext.util.Strings#convertFromJavaString}

I must confess that I considered JVM code as fair game, particularly private statics such as:

    private static char toHex(int nibble) {
        return hexDigit[(nibble & 0xF)];

    /** A table of hex digits */
    private static final char[] hexDigit = {

that are too trivial to 'worry' about.


        Ed Willink

On 16/09/2018 08:49, Ed Merks wrote:


Given that Xtext 2.15 is included in SimRel and given that this version currently does not pass IP approval, it seems clear that we simply cannot release SimRel 2018-09 in its current state.

So I reluctantly give this a +1.  :-(

And of course, given we're re spinning anyway, definitely +1 for including the fix for Corrosion in that respin.


On 16.09.2018 09:08, Karsten Thoms wrote:
Dear PMC & cross-project members,

the Xtext team is apologising for speaking up in the quiet week of 2018-09 SimRel. A review on our 2.15.0 release revealed IP issues in the code base, which required immediate action. The issue is tracked in Bug#539108 [1]. We are solving the issue with highest priority and will provide our fixed release to SimRel until Monday Sep 17th.

We are hereby asking Eclipse Modeling PMC to support our request for a respin. This could also help project Corrosion, which has also an issue in RC2 [2].

With kind regards,

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