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[cross-project-issues-dev] Contributing JGit/EGit 5.1 M3 fails due to constraint by EMF compare

I pushed an update for JGit/EGit to for 2018-09 M3 [1].
Validation of this change [2] fails since EMF Compare has a constraint for jgit [4.9.0,5.1.0):

04:59:47 Bundle(org.eclipse.jgit [4.9.0,5.1.0)) is required by:
04:59:47   ValidationSet(main)
04:59:47     Contribution(EMF COMPARE)
04:59:47       MappedRepository(file:/home/data/httpd/
04:59:47         Feature(
04:59:47           InstallableUnit(

EMF Compare: Can you please relax this constraint ?



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