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[cross-project-issues-dev] MPC not opening with space in install path - requesting respin

Hi everyone, 

Unfortunately I have to inform you that the Marketplace Client project will have to ask for a SimRel respin because of bug 536385 [1]. 

Due to this bug, the Marketplace Client in the Photon release fails to open for users that have their Eclipse installed into a path that contains spaces - or more accurately, whose configuration area path contains spaces.

This includes users who
- rename their Eclipse directory to something like "Eclipse Photon"
- install Eclipse under a path that has spaces, e.g. "/Users/john/My Projects/eclipse"
- use the "-configuration" option to set the config area to something with spaces in it

It does not include installations to read-only locations with spaces, e.g. "C:\Program Files\eclipse", because in that case, Eclipse will use a writeable overlay directory in $HOME/.eclipse without spaces. Overall, it's hard to estimate the percentage of our users affected by this, but there is some traffic on the bug and on several duplicates.

I've already published an MPC update with a fix to our release update site at and users confirmed that it fixed the issue.

I'm asking for this respin, because this is obviously a very bad user experience for those affected, and MPC is an essential part of Eclipse's plug-in ecosystem. And secondly, with the way the packages are built, I can't push out an MPC update that would get picked up by "Check for updates", so users don't have any easy recourse to get the fix and I can't think of a "milder" solution to roll out this fix effectively.

Best regards,




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