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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Problems with Batik 1.9.1 packaging for Photon - might need to revert to previous versions

A quick update on the current status.

The final Orbit build for Photon was published yesterday at [1]. It contains only version 1.9.1 of Batik, but we have not bee able to find a solution for the issues mentioned in my previous mail (notably the LinkageError).

This version 1.9.1 of Batik should be considered partly broken and not used if you can avoid.

In practice, some specific use cases are OK. In particular, the platform uses only the Batik CSS component, which is mostly isolated and not impacted by the packaging issues. Platform should be OK staying with Batik CSS 1.9.1 (that they have already adopted).

The other projects which use Batik and *are* impacted by the packaging issues are reverting to using the older versions (1.6 or 1.7) which can still be found in the Orbit repo for Oxygen.3:
* GMF Runtime and Sirius: done (
* Papyrus: in progress, should be done soon.
* BIRT, Graphiti: I'll contact the maintainers to make sure they're aware of the issue.


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