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[cross-project-issues-dev] HIPP5 is down


For several days now, the HIPP5 machine have been flaky. We're now experiencing a complete outage. Jenkins instances running on it (listed below) are all affected. I've created to track the investigation. Feel free to cc yourself on this bug. Only full remediation announcement will be posted on this mailing list.

We're doing our best to restore the services. Thanks for your patience.

  • cdt 
  • golo 
  • drone 
  • collections 
  • ls 
  • emfservices 
  • microprofile 
  • tm4e 
  • time4sys 
  • reddeer 
  • sensinact 
  • bpel 
  • tigerstripe 
  • gemoc 
  • openj9 
  • tea 
  • osbp

Mikaël Barbero - Eclipse Foundation
IT Services - Release Engineering
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